Why Instagram is the Ultimate Ecommerce Tool

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Instagram has its fame as one of the most visually appealing platforms on the web. The coming of Instagram has presented opportunities for photographers and models to display their talents and creativity as well.

For most businesses however, Instagram poses unique challenges because here, marketing is not as easy as it is on other social media platforms. However, some recent updates are promising to make this platform one of the most effective ecommerce tools available. In fact, the changes are already here with us. Let us explore the main ones.

The Shop Now Feature

In November 2016, Instagram announced the coming of a Shop Now Button. This feature enables ecommerce brands to link posted products to checkout carts. This way, Instagram users are able to make easy purchases from this platform without several clicks or multiple redirections. Nothing appears to be more thrilling than the idea of linking real products as they appear in high resolutions.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Every year, the budget allocation for influencer marketing amongst various brands increases. Brands have realized the importance of mass awareness from renowned personalities and models. While it is true that such awareness is an important aspect of marketing, we cannot deny the fact that conversion is the real definition of a successful marketing campaign.

With the incorporation of links on Instagram stories, it will be easier than ever before for brands to track down the conversion rates from their Instagram accounts. For the influencers, it will be possible to bundle the products they are promoting as Instagram stories and link them to their blogs (related posts).

Instagram stories 

It is true that selling products on whichever platform takes time. It becomes particularly challenging if you are introducing a new product in the market. To win the trust of consumers, you have to explain contexts and try to make users relate seamlessly with your brand. Until recently, this was not easily achievable on Instagram. However, everything changed with the introduction of Instagram stories. Today, Instagram wields the same power and intimacy of other platforms that are able to put into context various aspects to their users. This presents opportunities for ecommerce sites to connect with their target audiences on much deeper levels. By taking advantage of this promising feature, brands can now present their messages in ways that inspire their audience to make purchases.


Instagram is a visual platform. Brands that use this aspect wisely can mould Instagram into one of the most powerful ecommerce tools. Because Instagram is ideally visual and free of clutter, your followers for Instagram can take their time to focus on what is before them. Instagram is free of unnecessary explanations. When you access Instagram using your smartphone, it is just you and the photo in front of you. If you focus on quality pictures, you will have Instagram followers visiting your ecommerce sites for purchase even if there are no direct links.

If Instagram advances on this trajectory, it is bound to be the greatest selling tool in the marketing arena in the last two decades. For ecommerce sites, this is an opportunity worth grabbing!


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