The Increase of Mobile Phone Use in Sports Betting

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Online sports betting has been evolving with new technologies over the past several years.  One of these main technologies is the ability to place bets quickly and easily from your mobile phone or device.  In fact the percentage of bets placed through a mobile device is nearing 50% and will become the most popular method for placing wagers in the near future.

The reason for this switch is really quite simple.  Placing bets from your mobile phone is faster and easier than logging on to your computer, plus you can place your wagers from anywhere you are at any time.  The fact that mobile betting goes hand in hand with in-play betting, another relatively new sports betting technology, means that the sky really is the limit for mobile betting.

Why Mobile Betting is Superior and Here to Stay

I touched on why mobile betting is taking off in the last paragraph, but I’ll go into more detail on some of the main reasons here.

You Can Bet From Anywhere

With mobile betting you don’t have to be at home on your computer to place your bet.  You can be out on the town or simply in another room in the house and still place your wagers.  Here are some of my favourite examples of when this would come in handy:

  • You are at the bar with friends and want to place a bet on the upcoming game.
  • You are actually live at a sporting event and notice something that gives you a tip on the possible outcome of the game.
  • You are at work and talking with a friend realize that you want to place a bet on the nights game.
  • You are sitting in front of the TV and don’t want to get up to make that long walk to the computer room.

The options for sports betting really do become endless when you are able to place bets from your mobile device.

Best Sportsbook for Mobile Betting

Every reputable online sportsbook will now have a useable mobile betting platform for their platforms.  That’s not to say that some sportsbooks have done a better job than others with implementing this technology.

A favourite site for mobile betting is without a doubt (check out a thorough Bet365 review here).  When you visit their website on your mobile phone it automatically shows the mobile betting website, which is extremely simple and easy to use.

And an added bonus with Bet365 is that they offer by far the most in-play betting lines you will find online.  This allows you to place quick bets on events that you are currently watching.  As we all know tossing a few bucks down on a game makes it much more exciting to watch.


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