How to win at any video game

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When it comes to gaming, we can’t all start as winners. Some players can instantly adapt to the playing needs of any game that is thrown at them, but for others it takes hours of trials and tribulations before they can finally brand themselves as masters of the game. Take sports games for example; you can just as easily lose to the computer as you can another player, with variations of style and different approaches to the game proving pivotal as you look to secure victory over your respective opponents. There are ways to improve your game playing abilities however and we have attempted to piece the best of them together, to ensure you walk away confident in your ability to beat the best that gaming has to offer.

The first tip is to remain calm, whilst still playing with confidence. No matter what happens during your in-game playing experience, you will always come up against a few challenges; that much is a certainty. So when faced with struggles, don’t just put the controller down and give up, instead it may be best to retain confidence in your ability and pause, whilst thinking for several solutions as to how you can beat the particular aspect of the game. It might be an action game where a stealth approach is in fact the best way to go about completing the level, or it may be a driving game where a change in route can pay dividends, but you will never know unless you try a few different tactics.

The second tip is to call for help. At the end of the day, it is only a game and if a friend can complete the level for you or failing that gives you advice on where you are going wrong. Should they take matters into their own hands and progress the game for you, then you can always go back and complete that aspect again, on your own terms and it may be best to go back and look at it again once the pressure of completion is away from your shoulders.

The third and final tip is the most important and it is to do the unthinkable; put the controller down! The best gamers don’t sit for hours on end trying to beat the same level; they go away, think about it then return with a clear head and a solution to beat their problem. Wouldn’t you rather go out and forget about the action for a couple of hours then come back and conquer your troubles, rather than get unjustifiably annoyed for a whole day or evening trying to best a virtual reality experience? The choice is yours, but we know what we would do given the choice…


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