How attractive is the world of business to the bet-hungry punter

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Once upon a time bookmakers were cheeky-chappies with funny hats and big umbrellas, and the business of betting was pretty straightforward. You made your choice, you put your money down and sometimes you got some money back. There really wasn’t much more to it than that.

Things are different now.

The advent of online betting has exploded the simple money-in-occasional-money-out formula into a hundred different permutations. It means that, for all the bottom-line excitement that goes with putting a stake at risk in the hope of a profitable return, there are ways and means to bet to suit even the most discerning gambler.


Sports, white snow at Christmas and the winner of the next election are no longer the sole provision for the bet-hungry punter. Trading and currency markets accessed via an exchange betting app mean that the serious business of gambling and the serious gambles that businesses take are brought together in novel and grippingly dynamic ways.

The range of betting opportunities, from spreads and accumulators to cash out options and even evolutions in traditional games like poker, ensures that the basic urge to test yourself against the odds as well as against the competition can be satisfied as never before.

All this has happened so fast it is worth just pausing for breath for a moment to take stock. Ten years ago, online betting was in its infancy. Today it represents an industry growing like no other and which already boasts a global turnover in the billions of dollars. It really does look like the sky is the limit.


All the signs are that the gaming industry will continue to grow and, concurrent with that growth, the increased competition in the sector is likely to promote still further gaming innovations. With universal access around the globe to every niche interest that anyone could possibly imagine there has, surely, never been a better time to be a better.


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