A Guide to Mastering Your Co-working Space with Servcorp

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As the coworking revolution takes off in New Zealand, those looking to find flexible office solutions can take advantage of this office format. The co-working space offers professionals the chance to work in an environment that provides them with numerous opportunities to be productive by promoting natural social interaction. Furthermore, these spaces are much more cost-effective than leasing space through traditional methods.

However, because coworking involves more than just sitting at a desk or cubicle, you want a space that helps with productivity. Servcorp coworking spaces can provide New Zealand professionals with space to work, in addition to providing your business with a number of amenities that can make managing your business on a daily basis run smoothly. Leasing the space, though, is easy, but finding ways to maximise the space can help your business become more productive.

Continue reading for some useful tips on how you can master your Servcorp coworking space and get the most from your space.

Make Use Of Space

Whether choosing a hot desk or a dedicated space, professionals can benefit from these desks by using all of the tools that come as a part of your plan. Typically, these working spaces are fit out with secure high-speed internet (Wi-Fi). Whether you bring your device to work with you or use a public computer, use the free access to the net to build your network by creating a website for your business, connecting with others online through social media, and for advertising.

However, you can also use this workspace to get to know the people who work in the area. While it might appear that you are simply wasting time, chatting with your neighbours give syou the chance to talk up some of your ideas, exchange industry information, and develop relationships for further projects. In the end, these informal networking opportunities can help raise your business’s profiles.

Take Advantage Of Freebies

As a part of your plan, you get vouchers to spend at other locations around the globe depending on whether your plan includes the use of a hot desk or dedicated desk. Take advantage of these vouchers if you have to travel to other parts of the Pacific or the world for that matter. The office prints and secretarial support, additionally, can be used for activities or events needed to promote your business.

Go To Networking Events

Servcorp, while a giant, also promotes the co-working mission to support industry and innovation. In doing so, it hosts networking events to help start-ups and small businesses raise their business’s visibility. These networking events also can be the foundation for establishing relationships with others and for promoting collaboration. While working on your business, you might find that working with others can enhance the final product and make your entire venture more competitive.

Go Global

One of the great aspects of New Zealand’s co-working space is that you can take advantage of the many opportunities to travel and test new markets in other parts of the world. Servcorp’s leases are very flexible in that they allow professionals to adjust to their business’s needs. These leases provide for scalability allowing businesses to transition their growing ventures easily, and they are transferable. If deciding to relocate altogether, the business need only modify their lease.

Mastering Co-Working Through Servcorp

Co-working simplifies the search for office space. Of its main advantages, the ones that really help start-ups and other professionals grow is that the plans are flexible ones that tie the business to a protracted lease agreement. However, for the plans to work for your business, you have to actually work your mojo by taking advantage of all of the various amenities your plan offers.  


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