The Future of Mobile Casino Games

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Mobile gaming began with the introduction of the smartphone into mainstream society.  Before then, players were limited to visiting a land based casino, playing on their PCs or desktops and having an active internet connection.

When the smartphone was first introduced, it was an expensive commodity that only the higher earning brackets could afford, however in more recent years, the smartphone has become commonplace, with all demographics of society being able to afford one.  This opened up a huge, previously untapped market for the casino industry as online casino games became attainable to every person owning a smartphone.

Fast Moving Tech Innovations

Technology is evolving and improving on a daily basis and at a speed that would have left even our parents breathless.  The first games available on mobile devices (think Nokia’s Snake game), are primitive in comparison with what is on offer today.

The casino industry recognized the potential when smartphones were first introduced, and set out to ensure that they did not miss out on this huge new market available to then.  They ensured they had the best software developers on the job to create mobile versions of the much-loved casino games such as those at scr888, and continued to work and improve on these to stay current in what has become a fiercely competitive industry.

Ever-changing Game Selection

These days the variety of games available on mobile casinos are almost endless, with something to suit each and every player’s tastes.  The quality of graphics is out of this world, and the user experience of the games continue to evolve and improve as experts work hard in the background to tweak each and every aspect of the player’s process to ensure it is as simple, convenient and comfortable to play.  So where to from here in an industry that is already so advanced?

AR and VR

Imagine being able to experience the thrill of being inside a casino, with the convenience of being at home.  Augmented and virtual reality games are the next step forward for mobile gaming.  In July 2016, Pokemon Go was released for iOS and Android, and its although it was not the first augmented reality game to ever be released, its runaway popularity and success brought AR mobile games into mainstream public.

Many experts believe that this augmented and virtual reality is the next step forward for the mobile gaming industry.  The inconvenience of having to leave one’s home and visit a brick and mortar casino has been bypassed, allowing players to relish the experience of mobile craps and other games from their own living rooms.   An augmented reality casino adds the sensory aspects of real live betting.  You can see a dealer hand out your cards, hear the sounds of the slot machines as you would in a real live casino, and experience the same excitement as you would in a physical casino when you have a win.

This new technology comes with a price for casino companies.  The price tag associated with the best software developers are certainly not cheap and in order to stay current, and competitive, casino companies have had to outlay large amounts in order to ensure that their offerings are attractive and enticing compared to their competitors.

If one thinks about where the casino industry started – from games of chance with sticks and stones, to the advancements made in the last century.  Bookies operating illegally from rented rooms via telegraph, to the glamour and excitement of the physical casinos, to the advent of the internet and online gaming.  Add to that the mobile revolution, and finally an augmented or virtual reality casino experience, it is mind blowing to think where this innovative industry will go next.



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