Five Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP

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While your business may already be using the cloud, you may not be maximizing your results. Deploying cloud-based processes extends far beyond improving operational processes and storing data in a company and instead offers advanced technology and remote updates to help ease the workload of IT professionals. By incorporating cloud-based VoIP software into your firm’s phone system, your business can easily optimize ROI while also keeping up with the newest technology.
As flexible working arrangements continue to grow in popularity, it is important for companies to keep up. By deploying software that can ensure efficiency and quality wherever work gets done, both employees and business leaders can stay up to date. This software also offers the opportunity to expand as necessary without having to face unnecessary roadblocks. In addition, cloud-based VoIP software helps to ensure disaster recovery for companies with valuable data and information. For more information on the benefits of cloud-based VoIP solutions, check out the infographic below:


 ShoreTel Sky Cloud VoIP – Graphic provided by ShoreTel Sky


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