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If you are not a tech-fond parent and still you wish to keep track of your kid’s activities, you need to get an efficient  digital tool for yourself, such as FamilyTime parental control app. The app is designed for the non-technical parents with simple and user friendly display; easy app installation and activation process. s

FamilyTime Parental Control App – Overview:

FamilyTime is a feature-filled parental app through which parents can monitor and manage their child’s activities, their whereabouts, web behaviour and nonetheless their smartphone usage through this app.

Simple activation, easy installation process:

What you have to do first is to register with FamilyTime account.  This is absolutely free. Then you need to add child profile, download the app on child’s smartphone and pair it with your FamilyTime account. Now you’re all set to start monitoring them using your online dashboard.

And above all, it has two versions of the app, one for children called FamilyTime app and the other one called the FamilyTime – Dashboard for parents. This way parents can track their children to safety from their own phones.

FamilyTime’s Feature List:

FamilyTime is a feature rich application that caters to almost every parental concern and offers a solution to it by providing a wide range of features enlisting:

1.       Web monitoring

  • View browsing history
  • Check bookmarks and favorites

2.       Phone monitoring

  • Monitor the call logs with the date and time stamps
  • Check details of sent and received messages
  • Mirror contact book of your teen with all the information saved in it such as email address, birthday and notes etc.
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts to receive alerts whenever the contact is made by either party

3.       App Monitoring:

  • Check all the apps installed in their phone or tab with their related details such as the date of installation, version of the app being used and its category etc.
  • View their app usage frequency to see the time spent on every app.
  • Check app preferences to know their aptitude
  • Allocate specific numbers of minutes and hours for a game to play.
  • Blacklist any inappropriate apps.

4.       Manage Screen Time:

  • Check how much time their kids spend on each app
  • Allow them Screen time by setting screen limits within the app using the FunTime feature of the app
  • Help your kids manage their own screen time allocated to them for a week in their FamilyTime TimeBank. With the TimeBank they stay updated about the time they have consumed and minutes left with them to enjoy screen time
  • Schedule auto screen locks on kids device to hinder the usage in the later or the odd hour
  • Put screen locks on their devices remotely from a distance whenever you find them fully immersed in their digital sphere!

FamilyTime to Ease Parental Monitoring!

Parental monitoring has become a necessity of the 21st century where we find dangerous stuff at every turn and in this scenario, letting kids do whatever they want isn’t an intelligent move. Use the FamilyTime parental control app and keep tabs on what your kids do digitally!


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