The Evolution of the Amazing EA Sports FIFA Graphics

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EASports has become one of the top-notch and undisputed electronic gaming company in the world. EASports FIFA games have hit the stores on regular intervals with soccer fans flooding their way to the stores to get the new version of the game each year. What fascinating about the FIFA games is the graphics that keep on improving each and every year. 

The evolution of FIFA games has made magnificent strides for so many years offering players amazing gameplay that has kept many on the edge of their seats. 

However, on that note let’s take some moment and take a look at the amazing mind-blowing graphics from EA Sports over the years. 

EA Sports FIFA 2003 

FIFA 2003 might not what most players want to hear about in this current time and age. But the good thing is that back in its days it has offered players the most exhilarating gameplay. According to FIFA 2003 is the 10th game in the series and also the first to introduce a television-style broadcast along with a freestyle control that gave a green light to players to play creative ball whilst on the run.

FIFA 2005 

This was the final edition to be released for PlayStation players. This version of the game came with the create-a-player feature. It offered players some exciting moments with a 15-year career mode to users. This series was also available on mobile, PlayStation and the Gameboy advance. 

FIFA 2006 

FIFA 06 came with an absolute overhaul of the game. The game offer players more control over the gameplay. This is the year football commentators became the real deal in the FIFA games. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Gray were introduced as the part of the commentary team. 

FIFA 2010 

In 2010 with Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup for the first time, EA Sports game soccer fans to cheers about soon after the World Cup. Manager Mode that enables players to create their own dream team. And also came with the Ultimate team mode that offers competition to the players. 

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