Embrace The Forefront Of Dynamic Marketing Content With Advanced Digital Signage

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As residents of the digital age, our marketing strategies have had to improve and evolve to meet new technological innovations. Old marketing strategies — think of signs, billboards, and radio jingles — are now being eclipsed (and enhanced) by new digital signage solutions provided by top electronics manufacturers. These new video displays allow marketers and advertisers to produce clear, crisp videos that capture attention and encourage a far greater degree of brand engagement among consumers. This incredible technology is changing point-of-sale marketing as we speak and has opened the door for linked marketing strategies for mobile and email campaigns.


So what makes digital signs so powerful? Mainly, that they’re incredibly effective. One of the main reasons why is that they make it easy for consumers to absorb marketing material. For example, if you presented someone with a 30 second ad to read,you’ve got to work hard to get the average customer to finish reading, listening closely, or paying attention. On the other hand, a 30 second video ad is seen as being less tiresome to consumers who come across it, leading to deeper engagement and recognition of your brand. Using digital signage solutions as a part of your value chain is one way to ensure that your customers are actually interacting you’re your messages; it’s reported that 63 percent of people report that digital signage is more likely to catch their attention than traditional forms of visual advertising, such as billboards and television commercials.

In addition, impressive digital signage solutions for your business aremuch different these days than they were five to ten years ago. Today’s signage can do a variety of things to grab attention and encourage engagement. For example, digital signs from great providers like Toshiba are usually linked to cloud management systems, allowing you to update your content quickly and easily as needed; Toshiba’s remote network connections and controls mean you can upload new content quickly and from anywhere with an Internet connection. Others products from companies like this one have touch screens, allowing consumers to interact with them directly. As far as energy consumption goes, most areRoHS and Energy Star certified or compliant, so they won’t burn a lot of energy, have a harmful effect on the natural environment, and run up your electricity bill in the process.

One excellent way that digital signage can be combined with other forms of marketing is by using it to present a call to action. For example, a digital sign can be used to ask consumers to sign up to an email mailing list in return for a discount, coupon, or freebie. You can then market to your mailing list, offering them relevant and personalized content and product offers. Digital signs don’t have to sell products, either—they can be used to show building layouts, provide directions, offer a welcome distraction, screen weather or local news updates, or even be used in a video conferencing capacity for crystal clear imagery, great sound, and large screens when you’ve got a long-distance (or even inter-departmental) Skype meeting set up!

You should also remember that the aforementioned report states that 70 percent of consumers see digital signage as a unique way to sell a product or service. This gives you the advantage by presenting your business as being on the cutting-edge of technology — which you know can do a lot to help increase consumer confidence and trust in your brand. Be seen as a true innovator in the fields of marketing and customer engagement, and make the upgrade to digital signage now!



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