Easy Ways to Cut Your Spending

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Do you want to finally fulfill your dream of exploring Europe this year?

Are you always plagued with overdue bills and unpaid credit card bills?

Do you need to apply for a personal loan just to get out of debt?

Whether you’re cutting your expenses to save money because you want to or need to, you don’t need to have a 180 degree turn and change your lifestyle to achieve this goal. Finding ways to cut your spending should be a positive and manageable endeavor, not something that you should be terribly stressed about.

More often than not, the answers to our quest for saving money are right before our eyes. Below are some of the easy ways to cut your expenses and save towards your goal.

  1. Find bundle plans for cable, internet and phone services

Modern technology has made cable, internet and phone services a basic necessities. It seems that almost everyone can’t live a day or two without these three services.

Instead of paying different subscribers for each service, why not get them under one provider? There are lots of company out there that offers great bundled services for cable, internet and phone. Find the one that offers a bundle that best fits your need. Some companies even offer great promotions to their new customers. Take advantage of these deals and get your three services on one bill at a much lower monthly rate.

  1. Prepare your own meal

Isn’t it convenient to just pass by your favorite fast food and order a take out for dinner? You don’t have to spend too much time and effort in meal preparation, plus you don’t have to clean up the mess of food preparation afterwards.

Though ordering a take-out or dining in at your favorite restaurant from time to time is okay, preparing your own meal for most of the time is the key if you want to cut down your food budget. Not only you will save money by preparing your own meal, you’ll be able to watch out for the calories since you have full control of which ingredients you put in your recipe.

Getting a leaner body and a fatter wallet is not a bad deal that goes along with cooking your own meal.

  1. Reduce electricity usage

Electric bill is the most expensive utility bill at home.

Is there ever a way to reduce what you’re paying for your electricity?

You don’t have to leave the city and live like a hermit, isolated from the outside world to cut down your electricity bill.

There are various ways that you can reduce this utility bill such as:

  • Get energy-efficient light bulbs and turn them off when not in use
  • Avoid keeping your air conditioner’s thermostat at sub-freezing temperature since air conditioners are the biggest power users
  • Circulate the air by using fan and take advantage of proper ventilation for lighting and air to enter your room
  • Unplug all appliances when not in used.


  1. Grow your own vegetable

Vegetables can be expensive, especially the organic ones. Whilst you don’t have to undergo formal training in farming or buy a tractor, growing your own garden is relatively easy and rewarding. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have much space at your backyards, you can adopt the idea of hanging garden for your home grown vegetables.

To start up your own vegetable garden, you just simply need a garden soil, few tools and some seeds like peppers, carrots, berries, tomatoes and squash.

There are plenty of advantages of gardening aside from cutting your expenses; it’s also a great form of exercise and a stress-reliever. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you are able to grow something.

  1. Shop smarter

Most of us are guilty of spending over our shopping budget. When you went beyond your shopping budget, the rest gets affected. You compromise your savings because you went crazy and spend more than what you’re supposed to spend when you did your groceries.

Before you make your trip to the supermarket, create a list first and stick to this list. Also find alternative items that are at lesser price. Another grocery tip that you may find useful: Don’t go to the supermarket when you are hungry. Chances are, you will grab whatever food that passes your eyes when your stomach is growling.

Also instead of shopping at high-end malls, try going to smaller retail stores. They offer items at great deals compared to large department stores. Sign up with their newsletter so that you’re one of the first people to know of any upcoming great deals or awesome freebies.

  1. Spend one weekend at home

I know, you’ve worked hard the whole week so you deserve to party and splurge on the weekends. Whilst it’s necessary to work hard and play harder, spending one weekend at your cozy abode can cut down your expenses. This one weekend should be spent where you don’t spend anything at all. Use any food that’s left on your pantry or drink whatever’s on your liquor cabinet.

Cutting off your expenses does not need to be drastic. By doing these little things, you’ll be able to gain bigger savings.


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