DIY vs Managed Cloud Hosting: Which To Choose?

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So you have finally achieved your dream goal of launching your own website and gearing up for an amazing customer interaction. One thing, however, remains: Having to choose DIY vs managed cloud hosting.

Now, when you finally come to think about hosting, there are various plans. Firstly, there is the DIY, otherwise known as unmanaged cloud hosting. Similarly, there is the managed cloud hosting services

DIY hosting means that you are in absolute control of the website’s cloud hosting environment.

Generally, people are attracted to either of the of the two cloud hosting solutions due to some of their distinct merits.

DIY Cloud Hosting

In this package, the cloud hosting firm grants you the core features of the whole cloud hosting system. However, they hold back the secondary support, updates and maintenance.

Here, the cloud service provider offers you the only just about everything in the hosting environment and software.

Usually, those pursuing to reduce operations cost opt for this package. You will have to be a bit more than just average in IT and cloud management. So, it is safe to say that it is for those who are tech-savvy.

If your team is tech savvy, you could save some bucks off adopting unmanaged cloud hosting service.

Disadvantages of unmanaged cloud services

The first disadvantage of having to adopt unmanaged cloud services is that you will have to be a little more than just average in IT.

Cheaper solution

The other reason you would like to go the unmanaged route is that it is cheaper than the managed cloud consulting services.

If you are just starting off and you also happen to be tech-savvy, you should go for the unmanaged cloud service. This way, you could save money and use it for other pressing needs like Marketing and creating an online presence.

Managed Cloud hosting services

In the managed cloud hosting services, you get the benefit of the entire hosting environment but also get the benefit of it being managed for you. This way, you end up being done for all the tasks that relate to the cloud services.

Peace of mind

The cloud hosting services firm ensures they do maintenance and troubleshoot every problem that befalls you along the way.

Perhaps one of the main benefits that you will get from managed cloud services is that the firm relieves you from the anxiety of DIY. This way, you could concentrate on the core business and client satisfaction and retention.

How to choose: DIY vs Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services are not a one-fits-all kind of services. That said, depending on your business needs, expertise and funds, you may decide to adopt one cloud hosting service over the other.

For example, if you are a start-up of a few people who may be experienced in hosting but lack time, you could go for the managed services.

Concentrate on core business

Managed services ensure you become focused to respond to the more pressing business needs.

Instead of spending time at the office troubleshooting failed servers, you could be winning the hearts of investors, and bringing them right into the business.

The unmanaged services leave you with a host of other customizations to make maintenance and organizations. Chances are this could prove burdensome at some point and overwhelm your business.


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