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In a bustling business world of today, the only thing that is constant is change. The borders of time and space are being transcended every day, and yet business location is still an anchor that can make or break a company. Relocating is a tough logistic challenge and sometimes it turns into a nerve-wracking ordeal. On the brighter note, surge of modern technology has brought forth many relocating applications that can make businessman’s life easier.

On the move

Modern tech solutions such as realtime reporting and online mapping have enabled businessmen to arm themselves with powerful digital tools. Applications can walk the members of the company through the whole relocation process, and make sure there are no nasty surprises along the road. It is possible to form office-moving teams online, to share documents and info, track progress and hire professionals if need be.

Some other solutions go an extra mile. Moveline, for example, features an option to film the furniture and equipment and then receive a detailed inventory list with suggestions concerning the required truck space and the number of boxes. Furthermore, users can browse and select moving services they need and even make the online payments.

Market is also teeming with applications tailored to specific business organizations. Using Smartsheet program, users can track, plan and execute IT-specific activities. They are able to enter the move-in date and let the template assign task dates. Real-time team collaboration is like clockwork with options like updating plan on the go, storing diagrams, and alerts for due dates.

Where did the money go?

Relocating is not only time and energy-consuming activity, it can also cost an arm and a leg. Tracking all the financial detail like reimbursements would be hard to imagine without great expense reporting tools.  Saving piles of receipts makes no sense in the world where people seem to be born with smart phones in their hands.

Applications allow us to take photos of those receipts with mobile devices and upload them to our accounts. Not to mention the increase in mobile gaming apps that keep us entertained on the go. With platforms like Shoeboxed, everyone can stay on top of financial information when it comes to food, mileage, and travel tickets.  This is reason enough to rejoice and bid farewell to all the paperwork and clutter on the office desk.

One of the crucial aspects of relocating is the transfer of people.  Top talent is a rare commodity, and many employers like to give them golden handcuffs.  International companies make good use of software platforms like Santa Fe Relo in order to maintain communication and support the staff in new assignments. Also, remember to research labour hire options, because missing high-quality workers should not be on your checklist.

Smooth operator

For many, moving is one of the most stressful life events, and in the business world it is no different.  A large corporate relocation faces managers and CEOs with a number of financial, organizational and logistical challenges. On the other hand, tackling such problems with user-friendly apps has never been easier. With their help, you can make the whole process smooth, relieve the stress, cut the expenses and keep up the good work wherever you go.

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