Digitalising and Sharing Study Notes

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Study notes have long been the cornerstone of a successful learning process. Pen and paper still rule the classrooms around the globe, but the information age has brought some important changes. Digital data is much easier for storing, sharing and searching. What’s more, today we are all equipped with gadgets to pull this off. This is not only an efficient way to face learning challenges, it also boosts knowledge retention and helps you memorize things.

Scanning in progress

Keeping track of all the notes, or even just storing them can be a tough job. That is why many students choose to scan them and convert into digital format. There are many affordable scanners on the market today, but one must pay attention to their speed. You still have to scan every single piece of paper, don’t you?

Also, it’s preferable to find a scanner that has an automatic document feeder and supports the creation of PDFs. Another thing to note is that most scanners are tied to one place, but not all of them. To overcome the limitations of traditional scanners, you can use portable ones such as Doxie Go. It is small enough to be carried in a bag, and features a rechargeable battery and built-in memory.

Digital chalkboard

Some students use keyboards to capture data, but others are feeling this doesn’t help the way old-fashioned scribbling does. Those keen on gadgets should check out Boogie Board Sync 9.7 note-taking tablet. You can write and draw with a stylus and much like using a real chalkboard it’s possible to erase and start all over again.

Different amounts of pressure allow users to control the thickness of strokes on the screen.  With 2 GB of internal storage spaces, some 1000 pages of notes can be saved and then uploaded to cloud-based service or another device using USB or Bluetooth connection.

Smart pen and paper

For a different, sophisticated approach that doesn’t involve supplementing pen and paper, students can use Livescribe 3 Smartpen. It combines the traditional ink with electrics not changing much the way you traditionally take notes. What happens next, though, is a digitization of those notes and their transfer to computer, tablet or Apple mobile devices where they can be easily managed.

This is made possible with the use of special paper containing a pattern of microdots that upload your scribbling automatically via Bluetooth.  Moreover, handwriting recognition software can convert the notes into text file, calendar or a reminder and sync them with note-taking apps.

As good as ever 

Evernote allows users to keep all study notes in one place and go paperless all the way. It has an application for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Take photos of your notes, paste them to the app and access them anytime online. A text recognition system is then put to work, after which you can turn the notes into PDF format and make them more searchable.

Hence, with this killer app, it’s effortless to navigate the several days’ worth of chemistry notes and math problems. Learners can even integrate all links, PDFs, charts and scans into a single digital notebook. Featuring clean and minimal design, Evernote is user-friendly even for beginners who can share their notes like clockwork.

Tech magic wands

Scribbling notes on paper is a common site in schools and universities across the world. People still tend to learn better if they write things down with their hands. However, more and more people are taking advantage of tech blessings of the digital age.

With a bit of latest tech magic, student can enable a smooth writing experience and easy search, organizing and uploading of notes. You can choose to use keyboard, stylus, real pen or some other device. Learning is thus taken to the next level, and young generation embraces these welcome changes as essential tools of today.

Mobile and notes

Smartphones enable us to access notes as accessibly as possible whilst on the move. Digitalising the way we document our thoughts or what ingredients to get for the new recipe you are cooking for dinner after work for example is changing the way we go about our day to day lives. Mobile gaming has kept many commuters entertained whilst on the move and this could only be done because most gaming websites are making mobile versions of their websites to make them more accessible on the move for example vip club casino have just gone responsive to mobile and tablet – try for mobile casino of vipclubcasino for lots of great entertainment, they are actually offering £1000 free cash on your first two deposits so make sure you grab yourself a bargain today.


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