Customize Your Phone with Graphic Vinyl Covers and Other Cool Ideas

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Tech gadgets are becoming cooler by the day and there are super-stylish accessories that can really jazz up your smartphone or tablet.

A quality phone case offers extra layers of protection and keeps your gadget safe from wear and tear. If you have spent hundreds of dollars to acquire the latest gadget in town, it makes sense to spend some more to secure that investment.

A customized phone cover will allow you to express your personal style and edgy interests. There are gadget skins that allow you to upload your artwork, pictures and even paintings and logos.

Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect personalized phone case.

Decide on Your Requirements

It is important that you evaluate your lifestyle and the environment in which you use your phone.

If you work in a high-stress job like at oil and gas extraction sites or have small children at home, you may require a phone case that provides military-level protection. In such cases the scope for personalization and customization is much less. The cases are big and bulky, and any added personal touches will only make them appear bigger.

If style is of more consequence then you do not have to spend a bomb on cases that offer other specialized features. All you require are good quality skins or basic cases that have stunning aesthetic designs and color combinations. They give your phone protection from scratches, scrapes and falls.

Vinyl Decals Are Cool and Sassy

Vinyl decal skins offer premium lightweight protection and are super-thin and long-lasting. Ensure you buy from reputed sellers to get the best products.

The skins are made of high quality vinyl that are cut to precision and fit your device like second skin. You can go ahead and also have them customized with your own artwork, photos, text or other decorations. This gives you something that’s truly personal and customized for your phone.

Ultra high-resolution UV-protective print along with protective high-gloss laminate ensures your designs last forever. The skins give complete protection from scratches and dings, and keeps away dust and grime.

There are cool graphic vinyl skins available for phone bunker cases which makes sporting them a bit more aesthetic and stylish than otherwise.

Add Some Color

If you feel that basic cases and skins are too plain there are many things that you can do to get them to look good.

Protect the back of your phone cover where you do not want paint to be with a duct tape, and get you favorite nail colors to do the rest. This tutorial on instructables helps you give a quick and effective makeover to your old cell phone case. You can try this on a new case as well.

Get Some Serious Bling

How many times have you stared at Swarovski crystal-embellished smartphone cases and wished they were yours? Crystals and rhinestones make your phone cases look chic and glamorous.

To make your own crystallized phone case all you need are a few packets of Swarovski crystals and teardrop rhinestones in your favorite shades. You can choose any color you like but make sure they fit in to create a cohesive color scheme.

If you do not want to spend on expensive crystals you can also go for diamantes, rhinestones, shiny beads or costume jewels. But crystals can really help your bejeweled case shine, so try to create a pattern that has a place for them all.

You will have to work on the case and keep your handset away from all the sticking and gluing.

Let your creative juices flow and make a rough sketch of the pattern you want to create. Apply glue on small portions and pick up each crystal or stone with tweezers and firmly press it into the glue. A flat back is essential for the crystals to stick properly.

You can work bit by bit and finish off the whole project in one go, and have a beautiful jeweled masterpiece to hold to your ear.

Bring in the Nature

Would you not like it if you can incorporate a bit of natural beauty into your tech?

Here is a way to do that.

Pressing flowers is an age-old technique to preserve their natural beauty and delicate fragrance for a long time. You can decorate your phone case with pressed flowers if you follow this simple tutorial.

For this DIY project you will have to collect a few flowers in different sizes and in vibrant hues. Press them using a flower press or keep them inside a big and heavy book. You will get lovely pressed flowers in about seven days.

Arrange them carefully at the back of the phone cover. Ensure you choose a phone case in white or a pastel shade. After you get a pattern that you love take a snapshot for further reference.

Remove the flowers from the case and now get started gluing them on to the surface of the case. Pick up the biggest flower and dab on a little clear craft glue at the back and press it firmly on the case. Continue with the rest of the petals and flowers. You can keep the snapshot handy to get the desired pattern. You can also add delicate pressed leaves to the design to create a beautiful design.

After you are done, wait for the glue to dry out. Then apply a coat of clear-casting epoxy resin to seal the flowery design. Make sure that all the flowers and the entire back surface of the case is covered. Lightly blow out the tiny bubbles that appear as you apply the resin. If any resin has spread over to the edges, you can remove it with a Q-tip dipped in acetone.

The resin takes about an hour or two to dry out completely. Examine the case and if you feel that all the flowers are not coated uniformly, re-apply a second coat of resin.

If you want to add a bit of shine to the flowers, sprinkle some glitter into the resin mix as you prepare it. Carefully follow the instructions for use given on the resin package.

A few hours of patience is all you need and you have a lovely floral phone case ready.


Personalizing your phone is not all that hard. Get creative and browse DIY sites to customize your case, or upload your art to vinyl skin to get your phone to be the talk of the town!



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