Is Content Marketing Truly Timeless or Will AI Outshine It?

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The scientific community has made a great progress in the way artificial intelligence is able to produce and help marketing experts optimize content for consumers and audiences around the world. The evolution of artificial intelligence dates back to the year 1950, with the publication of “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” by the famous English computer scientist, Alan Turing.

Decades later, when the adequate technology for the progress of AI has been built, the world is able to apply and experience the numerous benefits of AI, with future applications being developed to revolutionize the medical, automotive, and finance industries, as well as energy.

But what does the rapid development of artificial intelligence mean for content marketing? Will AI be able to surpass its human masters in creativity and content creation?

Tapping into human emotion

While AI is used for natural language generation by news agencies and companies around the world trying to deliver faster customer service and brief information, much more improvement is needed in order for the system to be able to mimic the storytelling capabilities of the human mind.

Storytelling requires portraying emotions within complex syntaxes and language structures, using adequate synonyms that will evoke the desired emotion in the recipient. This is something that is far beyond the reach of artificial intelligence at the moment.

Mimicking the human mind has been the single biggest obstacle in the development of AI. Google’s Deep Mind project has made a great progress in the field. However, it is still far from attaining complete human-like storytelling capabilities.

The benefits of AI

By 2018, it is expected that 20% of business content will be created by software. And as long as marketing experts take into consideration the advances of artificial intelligence in content creation and take it as an opportunity to focus on more complex tasks, creating a consistent tone of voice and finding out the best content practices that resonate with audiences around the world, there can be a synergy of creativity and technology.

Artificial intelligence has two major benefits: simple content creation and optimization. While marketers will be dealing with storytelling and complex content creation for decades to come, the more generic tasks, such as customer email communication, summaries, briefs, reviews and reports, can all be handled via software.

Additionally, artificial intelligence can be very valuable to content optimization. This means that the software can take a piece of finished content and analyze it for structure, consistency, style, keyword implementation, etc. This can prove to be invaluable in optimizing the content to resonate perfectly with the target demographics.

The costs of AI

Utilizing AI can be a costly venture, one that can drain resources without producing the desired results. You can check out for same day business cash advance. Being a relatively young field with the insufficient progress made in the area of complex content creation, companies can waste manpower, money and valuable time when investing into AI integration.

With companies constantly striving for automation and software implementation, it’s important to secure the necessary funding to achieve these goals. One of the best funding solutions is the Australian Lending Centre which provides companies with the cash flow necessary to keep the business going.

While there are still uncertainties regarding artificial intelligence and its practical use in content creation, undeniably, there is a rising trend that defines its necessities in the business world. However, in order to take advantage of its full potential at the moment, marketers need to be aware of its possibilities and optimize the software accordingly.

The near future of AI

Artificial intelligence is widely used by tech companies in order to bring calculated market predictions to their clients and create exact assessments and valuable insights that will define the course a company is taking in regards to their branding, communication, product development and services.

Therefore, machine learning and AI is an invaluable asset to companies around the world and can be used for numerous tasks. However, replacing content creators on the throne of inbound marketing is not one of them, at least for the time being.

In conclusion

The world is constantly striving towards automation, optimization, and enhanced productivity, and artificial intelligence seems to be the future embodiment of the three. While significant improvements are still required in the field of content marketing, artificial intelligence has its numerous benefits in the marketing industry in terms of targeting, analyzing and optimization.

However, the inability of AI to reproduce human-like traits, such as humor, deep emotions and creativity means that content marketing, at least for the foreseeable future, remains timeless.

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