Common Types of Software Used in Businesses

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Technology is continuously changing and improving. It helps businesses in enhancing their management, operation and relationship to clients, which all are vital forces in their growth and success. Software programs are part of this technology, and companies use different types depending on their needs. These applications fall into three categories including operation, security, and relation.

Operation software

This is a type of software that is used to simplify and speed up the processes involved in your day to day activities. It depends on the specific operation that you have in your company. Here are some of the most popular types of operation software programs.

  • Accounting software. It’s crucial to properly manage the money flowing inside and outside the business to ensure that it is utilized correctly and that the company is earning. Accounting software offers accuracy and quickness in the process, so you get the correct data in the shortest amount of time.
  • Project management software. This kind of software makes the management of a project easier for everyone involved, thus increasing the chances of making it successful. Some of the features that are usually present on this application are collaboration, communication, task assignments, reports, and forecasting.
  • Business-specific software. There are also applications designed for specific businesses. For example, sports clubs use club membership software freeware. This software for clubs typically has the student records, coaches, classes available, and other features that are helpful in more conveniently running the business.

Security software

All companies that use computers must invest in security software. It will protect their programs and records from malicious attacks and threats that include hackers, virus, spyware, trojan, and malware. Below are some of these security applications:

  • As the terms suggests, this will protect your system from virus. There are also programs that will prevent Trojan, spyware and other malicious programs from infecting your computer. These applications must be updated regularly to ensure that they will effectively block these threats as new ones are always created.
  • This prevents unauthorized access to your computer or network.
  • Access control. This program will ensure that only the right individuals will have access to specific machines or applications in the company.
  • Spam protection. It detects and blocks emails that are suspicious and may have come from untrusted sources.

Relation software

Relation software helps to improve the relationship of the company with its employees, customers, and suppliers.  Having a good relationship with these people is vital in the development of the business. Below are some of these programs.

  • Human resource software. It is easy to manage employees if there are only a few of them but medium to big companies will find this challenging to do manually. Human resource software will help the human resource department in managing the files and payroll of employees, making the process less-hassle and faster.
  • CRM or customer relationship management. It allows communication between the company and clients, as well as record, analyze and report the communications.

There are also customized software programs created for the specific needs of the company.


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