Clash of Clans Quiz

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Don’t we all have a guilty pleasure that we prefer to only air out in the comfort of our bedroom? Whether it’s blasting Miley Cyrus songs before her twerking era, watching horrendous daytime television or reading the Twilight saga – we know these interests don’t make us the coolest kids of the block, but at the same time, boy does it hit the spot. However for game-enthusiasts, there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Gamers know that there is absolutely NO SHAME in playing games from the late afternoon to the early hours of the morning; especially when it comes to Clash of Clans! An addictive concoction of strategy and competitive battles – players can construct and expand their village, unlock powerful defences and warriors, as well as battle other villages!

Free to play and download on your iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices, just how well do you really know Clash of Clans? Dare to take the quiz below and find out!


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