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For casino enthusiasts, there is nothing better than putting on your best three piece suit and heading out for a night with your friends at some of the biggest and best tables in the city. But instead of all that effort, why not simply flip open your laptop and head over to the virtual tables and slots that are available. Card and table gamers will enjoy a whole variety of variations to explore and adapt their game to, while slot enthusiasts will relish the exclusive slot games from 32Red.

The truth is that more and more people are opting in to the virtual casinos than they are the glitz and glamour of the real thing. Don’t get us wrong, places like Las Vegas will be likely to remain popular long after this generation and the next, but not everybody can afford to play with the high rollers week in week out.

The first reason for the influx on virtual gaming is the convenience. With your favourite slot and table games sitting just five metres away on your laptop, or even in the palm of your hand now smartphone and tablet apps have begun to boom, it is increasingly obvious that customers would rather take the easy option and play from their homes. Another reason for this is that some gamblers may find comfort a necessity to them succeeding or failing when playing their favourite games, so playing in bed or on the sofa in their own environment may improve their comfort and get rid of any uncertainties that may lead to rash decisions.

Another factor is the variety of casino bonuses and promotions available online now. You would be hard-pressed to find better offers than some of the ones on the web today, with offers such as 150% deposit bonuses available for slot machines with 32Red dominating the market. Casinos simply cannot beat the offers that bookmakers can give to customers, and with the variety of choice out there, it’s arguably just easier to sit at home and pick your favourite offer and begin playing right away.

One more reason, and this is undervalued as it is important, is the sign-up process. At a casino, you have to sign a form, pose for a photo and then get your casino card, which you cannot obtain rewards without. At an online casino, if you already have an account with a site then you can simply log straight in, but if not there is, more often than not, a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process of signing up, all the while making sure you opt into as many offers as you can. Customers usually want to play as soon as they can and the process of setting up accounts can put people off.

The simplicity and ease of simply logging in to your favourite casino and playing away has overpowered that of the demand to go all the way into the bright lights of the city to play card and table games and why not? With the amount of offers around today, you are only leaving yourself out of pocket should you choose to ignore all of them.


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