How to Choose the Best Gaming TV

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The era of one purpose tools is over. In a recent survey, it was noted that millennials see no point in wearing a single-purpose gadget like watches, since their smartphones can do so many things at once. With this in mind, an interesting thing occurred in the gaming industry as well. Someone came up with a brilliant idea that could significantly help gamer’s budget.

Instead of investing separately in a monitor and a TV set, you could opt for finding a device which could perform both tasks. Choosing a right gaming TV is in no way an easy thing. Here are some of the aspects you would need to consider before making up your mind.

Should I use a TV for Gaming?

Until recently, there was a popular belief that when it comes to dealing with powerful graphic cards, TVs are in several ways inferior to the monitor. However, TV developers worked vigilantly on improving their product and today these differences are almost  non existent.

The truth is that you would have to pay significantly less for the TV of the same quality as the monitor. Furthermore, every single graphic card that was released in the last few years supports the crossfire solution. This means that you no longer need to choose between a monitor and a TV when you can have both at the same time.

Many smart TV’s now have online gaming options built in which offer many other dimentions of entertainment. Online gaming has become increasingly popular over the years espcecially with the increases of technology with Smart Phones and the ability to access almost anything whilst on the move.

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Size Does Matter

When it comes to a TV, size does matter. But when it comes to a gaming screen, bigger is not necessarily better. In fact, in competitive video gaming, it is often inadvisable for your screen to be bigger than 24″. So, go for a smaller screen if you are a MOBA or competitive RTS player, since they give you better overview of the screen. Still, FPS or RPG fans should always go for the bigger screen in order to be able to fully admire all the hard work that game developers invested in its graphics. As you can see, there is no optimal screen size, there is only optimal size for your own needs.

HD Ready or Full HD

To a layman, HD (high definition) is more than enough reassurance that a TV/monitor is visually adequate for the task at hand. However, there is a great difference between a HD ready and full HD screens. Full HD means that this particular screen is completely capable of dealing with 1080p picture quality as it was intended. On the other hand, HD ready means that with the help of an external source this screen could handle advanced resolutions. Without the help of this kind of adapter, HD ready screen could never properly handle more than 720p. When buying, this is the first thing you need to look out for.

Curved or Flat TV

Next thing you need to think about is one of the latest trends that have appeared in the world of televisions, the so called Curved TV. According to its specifications this TV is just a bit thicker, meaning that it doesn’t take much of your room, while it gives a higher quality of picture. This is achieved by improving the viewing angle and reducing the impact of reflections. Still, these kinds of sets can be significantly more expensive than the flat ones, so there is one question you need to ask yourself. Just how much is this curve worth to you?

Smart or not

In the last few years, some of the developers decided to take one step further and create a smart TV. This device operates as both TV and tablet, with interface which can be fully navigated via touch. Furthermore, these televisions can connect to the internet on their own, thus operating as a completely independent device. You can also compare multiple broadband bundles (which include the best internet offers) and get the most optimal one. In this way, you can further improve your overall gaming experience.

Finally, nobody knows your needs as well as you do and with this in mind, you should be aware of what to look in monitor you plan on buying. Since this is not an insignificant investment, take as much time as you need to do your homework and take a good look at all the aspects of your future gaming TV.



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