Can Video Games Get Any Better?

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It’s obvious that video games have come a long way in a short space of time. From the days of Pong, where a single person made a game, to the modern era, where video games are the work of hundreds of people, the progression has been exponential. And yes, the graphics have improved a staggering amount in a short period of time. And, likewise, the complexity of games has advanced an equally vast amount.

But, at their core, can video games get any better than they already are? There is no doubt that graphics will still improve, but at the core gameplay level, can there be any more real significant advancements? Many are already predicting that video games have reached their peak, and will not get better than they currently are. Can this be true?

Let’s take a closer look.

Early Video Games

In the early days of video game making, the games were clearly, and obviously, restricted by the technology they were created on. Pong was a result of an extremely limited world of technology. There were only so many colours available to work with, and game systems were restricted to displaying what today would be considered a laughably small amount of on screen pixels.

And, of course, as the technology progressed, games likewise became increasingly complex and now, games are as engaging and rewarding as claiming one of the no deposit casino bonus Canada has to offer. Colours were no longer a limiting factor, and so games began to be created in all the colours of the rainbow. Vastly more powerful computer hardware allowed for many more pixels to be displayed on screen, and so games improved, allowing for ever more dynamic gameplay systems, and gameplay mechanics.

But, by the time the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were popular, games were about as complicated and in-depth as game makers were envisioning. That is to say, the games themselves, on the gameplay level, were no longer restricted in any way by technology. It is no surprise then, that when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 came about, that the advancements in games were no longer so noticeable. Yes, the graphics were slightly improved, but where the games themselves really any better?

The Plateau Effect

Video games seem to have reached what is known as the industry plateau. Which is to say, a level where they are as good as they will ever really get. This may be a sad notion in one aspect, but in another regard means that games will simply have to become more creative as a means of improving, and standing apart.

The bulk of video game improvements now will likely come in the way of innovative and interesting game factors that were otherwise not previously thought of, such as Virtual Reality, and other unique factors. If anything, now is the time that video games will really begin to branch outwards, and become especially interesting. After all, game makers will have to start thinking about games in ways that are truly different, if they hope to stand apart and be successful.

What an interesting time it will be for one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world.


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