The Best Sports Apps For Your Smartphone

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With the right apps, you don’t have to wonder who’s winning the game, how well your fantasy team might be doing, or just how many touchdown passes someone like Peyton Manning managed to throw while you were at the store. These apps put the latest schedules, statistics, and news a few taps away, along with photos, podcasts and maybe even live-stream video from the game. Here are our favorite sports apps for any kind of fan.

ESPN SportsCenter

It used to be called ScoreCenter, but ESPN’s flagship app is now called SportsCenter — and the rebrand brought many new features and a facelift. Now it gives you updates and scoring information for the big games of the day, different teams and leagues’ breaking news, as well as configurable notifications. You can easily put together a list of your favorite teams, so the app gives you a personalized news experience and updates from the athletes and franchises you’re following.

CBS Sports

This app gives you personalized states, updates, and analysis of your favorite leagues and teams, but it also delivers live streaming for many events including the PGA tour and NCAA basketball. You also get access to game highlight video on-demand, original video programs, and expert analysis. It’s not quite as good as having Arsenal tickets to all home and away fixtures, but it’s close.


theScore delivers live, real-time game statistics and updates, plus breaking news. There’s an event calendar so you can look up games coming up, past match statistics, and the most important plays and latest scores. There are detailed statistical breakdowns for matches if you’re a numbers junkie, and play by play breakdowns too. theScore presents sports news in a visually gorgeous set of headlines, and there are social features to make sharing stories, game summaries, and stats with your friends easy.

Yahoo Sports

It used to be called Sportacular, now it’s called Yahoo Sports — Yahoo’s sports apps syncs between their website and the app, delivering the best in news, statistics, and scores for the sports you follow. In particular, Yahoo Sports delivers extremely detailed team, player, and game states, as well as extremely customizable notifications to keep you posted on scoring plays, close game situations, and game starts.

Team Stream

Unlike the generalist approach taken by other apps, The Bleacher Report’s Team Stream app takes a pin-point focus on your favorite teams and franchises. Simply tell the app about your favorite teams, and it pulls in real-time relevant notifications from sources across the Internet. You get stories, scores, videos, and photos from your favorite clubs.

Thuuz Sports

Unlike most apps, Thuuz Sports’ standout feature is the way it rates ongoing and upcoming games on its own excitement scale, from 0-100, so you can figure out in advance if a particular game is worth taking the time to watch. You can choose which leagues and teams to follow across many different sports, and the app highlights the games in the feed and notifies you of both games coming up as well as game-changing moments. If you’re a fantasy football or baseball fan, you can import your teams into the app and use the feed to track player notifications.


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