The Best Smartphones You Can Buy Today

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The Mobile World Congress 2017 was particularly interesting to follow. LG released the G6 to rave reviews from top tech bloggers and YouTubers. It’s amazing, nearly bezel-less screen paired with great cameras and a sleek overall body design are definitely a combination worth waiting for. We also saw BlackBerry returning to its form with the BlackBerry KEYone; yes, BlackBerry insisted that the “Key” part needs to be all-caps.

Still, these new devices are still a few months away from becoming available. While the G6 may be available soon, other phones such as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium have no actual release date or pricing. That is why, in this part, we’re going to take a look at some of the best phones you can actually buy today.

OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3T remains one of the best phones to date. It’s Snapdragon 821 processor and 6GB of RAM – yes, 6GB – are class-leading, making the device very snappy and capable. It also comes with a gorgeous screen covered in Gorilla Glass. The curved screen edges make the device even sleeker with its new Gunmetal Grey finish.

The OnePlus 3T is also reasonably priced. You can get one with 64GB or 128GB storage for less than $500. There are no more invitations to chase just to be able to buy the 3T, plus you get dual-SIM, dual-4G capability right out of the box.

Oxygen OS, OnePlus’s brand of Android, is now based on Android 7.0. A lot of experts and Android fans are opting for the OnePlus 3T as the closest replacement to the affordable Nexus series. Even the best mobile app development companies are using the OnePlus 3T as their standard testing device.

While all of these features make the OnePlus 3T a great package, the phone is still not perfect. The 16-megapixel cameras are not the best. You can still shoot decent photos and 4K videos, but don’t expect anything outstanding, especially in situations where the lighting conditions are less than ideal. If you’re looking for a phone with a superb main camera, you should take a look at the next smartphones on our list.

Google Pixel

Yes, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL both have amazing cameras with even more stunning low-light capabilities. You just have to take a look at the sample images once to know that Google has created something special. The photos are sharp and properly exposed. They have good saturation and contrast, too. More importantly, you will not end up with photos that look over-processed.

As a complete package, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are also great options to consider. The new body design and color options make these devices more stylish than the previous Nexus phones. They also come with a selection of internal storage capacities to choose from, with the base models now offering 32GB of internal storage.

You get a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM, along with Google’s own Assistant. Similar to the old Nexus line, Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices will be the first to receive updates from Google. They’re currently sporting the latest Android 7.1 Nougat.

The only thing you may not like about the Google Pixel is the price. Unlike the Nexus series, Google now offers Pixel devices at premium prices. Even the base model, the 32GB Pixel, is more expensive than the OnePlus 3T we talked about earlier. Still, if you’re looking for a good Android phone with a superb camera, these are the options to consider.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

If you’re thinking about getting the iPhone 7, I suggest you save for the Plus model instead. Don’t get me wrong; the Apple iPhone 7 is a great phone. It has the latest A10 Fusion processor with improved processing power and graphics. It is much snappier than the iPhone 6S. It has an improved camera and a gorgeous screen that you’ll enjoy using. Unfortunately, it is not the best iPhone on the market.

The iPhone 7 Plus has better cameras – yes, dual cameras – and good image stabilization. It comes with a bigger battery and will offer you a much more refined user experience in general. The size of this phone may be too big for some, but the extra features offered by the iPhone 7 Plus are well worth the sacrifice.

These are three of the best phones you can buy today. If you don’t want to wait for LG’s G6 or Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium, then these are the options worth considering. Even compared to newer devices, these smartphones will still perform brilliantly when running heavy apps and the latest 3D games.


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