What to look for when choosing the best betting app

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More of us than ever before are betting using mobile devices; the apps now available are rapidly transforming the way we bet. There is greater choice than ever before, thereby giving greater power to the customer able to shop around for the best deals.

We will look at some of the betting terms used but primarily at some of the best mobile bettings apps around to help those, possibly beginners, who want to place a bet but are unsure where to start and what particular apps are available.

To get started, whichever mobile site or betting app you are using, the process is relatively simple.

Once you have selected which betting site to use, you can then deposit some money into the account and begin choosing which event you wish to have a bet on. Horse racing is naturally one of the most popular with the big festivals including Royal Ascot, the Epsom Derby and the Cheltenham Festival among the favourites.

Assuming it is horse racing that you want to focus on, the facility will let you look at the list of runners and choose which horse you want to place a bet on. Using the horse Golden Wonder as an example, you will be asked how much money you want to place on the Irish gelding and what type of bet.

Briefly, a win only is a bet that pays out only if the horse selected comes first in a particular race.

A place is a bet that pays out only if the horse selected comes in first or in a predetermined place and an each way bet combines the previous two and can be applicable to a single event or several selections in a multiple bet.

Concentrating now on the apps themselves, most tend to operate in a similar way and give advice through the whole process to guide the new user through.

The best betting apps will do all that the original websites can, but simply allow you to access their services wherever you happen to be. They should allow you to register using your phone and should have a large selection of in-play options.

New features, which have revolutionized this technology in recent years, now allow you to watch live streams of the action you are betting on and enable you to view relevant statistics, horse information, race previews and a look at all the different markets before you make your choice.

They will also usually allow you to deposit and withdraw using your phone and most also have attractive opening offers to entice you in, such as a new account sign up offer of £30. So, when an account is opened by a new customer and they have placed their opening bet, they will receive £30 in free bet tokens from the app.

Though you will need an account with a bookmaker before using a mobile betting app, all are free to download and will usually give you a free bet to start you off. It is always best to shop around and see who is offering the best deals and the best package for you and your needs. Shopping around also lets you compare the different odds quickly.

One of the other benefits of using betting apps is that you can use as many as you like. As with physical bookmakers and online betting, different odds are available according to the app used so, again, shop around and find the best one for your individual needs.

One often questions the security surrounding apps, indeed using your smartphone or tablet for any financial transactions. However, whilst concerns are inevitable it should be pointed out that the apps are certainly as safe as the websites they represent. The companies concerned use exactly the same levels of encryption in the apps as they do on their websites, so customers should be reassured that their details will be kept secure.

A reassuring thought as you prepare to enter the world of mobile betting apps.


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