The Benefits of Mobile Betting

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If you’re a fan of sport and sports betting in particular then you’ll probably have heard of mobile betting apps. Available from all of the industry’s top operators, such as Unibet, these fully optimised portals give you a direct link to a matrix of juicy wagers. Whether it’s football, boxing, cricket or basketball, mobile sports betting apps have all the functionality you’d see on your desktop.

Indeed, as the market continues to grow the power of these apps has grown and now many punters are choosing their mobile app over desktop sites. In the rest of this article we’ll have a look at why this is the case:

Speed: The greatest benefit of using a mobile betting app is its speed and efficiency. For example, Unibet’s mobile app lists each sport in a linear structure, allowing you to quickly navigate to your preferred option. From here a menu of wagers open up and within a few clicks you can place your bet. This efficiency is fantastic for those who like to make in-play bets because it allows you to place a wager before the odds change. Indeed, if you’re a serious sports bettor this ability to seize value is not only desirable but essential.

Choice: Mobile sports betting apps have just as much choice as their desktop counterparts. Indeed, in reality there is slightly more choice in a mobile app because it’s easier to take advantage of in-play markets. Although desktop sites still give you the same amount of access, the process of placing and in-play is a lot easier when you do it through your Smartphone.

Bonuses: The final benefit of placing wagers through your phone is the extra bonuses you can receive. Whether it’s a first deposit bonus or a series of free bets, operators are keen for punters to use their mobile apps and will often pay for your services. By carefully timing your gambling activities you should be able to boost your bankroll with very little effort when you use your betting app.


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