Amazon’s rumoured smartphone likely to be revealed at launch event

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Online retailing giant Amazon have released a video teaser for their new device, which seems likely to be the heavily rumoured smartphone. The video shows people being impressed by a gadget off screen, which judging by their posture is likely to be a handset. The reactions include people calling it “intuitive” and “incomparable to anything I’ve ever seen”.

Amazon have already confirmed their plans to release a smartphone to a number of publications. Sources earlier this year stated that the device could include up to six different cameras, with four motion-sensor ones tracking the user’s movement for 3D interface features.

This seems likely as during the video several of the individuals are seen moving their heads and torsos around, suggesting that they are interacting with a 3D-like display. The reactions in the video would also make sense in light of recent reports that the phone will have an intense parallax effect as opposed to an actual 3D display, which moves on-screen images around with the user’s head movements.

This could have huge implications for entertainment and mobile gaming. The visual functions of the new device could be capable of delivering easier viewing on apps like Netflix and better playing experiences on everything from casual apps to gaming sites such as the EuroPalace mobile casino.

Other expected specs include a 720p 4.7-inch screen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, although the amount of power is still a mystery. 2GB of RAM seems likely, as does special optical character recognition software on the rear camera. This would allow users to take photos of text and have the information quickly converted, either to translate foreign languages or quickly add contacts from business cards.

The video ends with details on the launch event, which will take place in Seattle on 18th June. If the date marks the launch of Amazon’s new smartphone, then this could be the start of the company’s successful venture into smartphones.

The company has already received positive reactions to their Kindle Fire tablet but with the mobile market proving more competitive, Amazon will have to offer customers a reason to choose them over the already established iOS or Android platforms.

A good price tag is sure to raise a lot of attention and rumours are circulating that Amazon’s smartphone will fall in the budget bracket, with predicted prices coming in as low as $150 (around £89).

Arriving late in an already over-saturated market means that Amazon have their work cut out. With Windows setting a prime example of the struggles to establish a successful footing in the smartphone industry, we’ll have to wait until the launch event on the 18th June to see what gives Amazon the edge.


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