All You Need to Know About Slot Game RTPs

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get an idea of how much you should win back from a slot before gambling with your hard-earned cash?

Well, the good news is, you can.

All slot machines come with a percentage Return to Player (or RTP). This is basically a number which tells you how much the machine should, in theory, pay out.

To help you understand more about online slots, we’ve called in the experts from the online casino to cover everything you need to know.

Slot Game RTPs Explained

Like we said, RTP is a value which tells you how much, in theory, you can expect to win back from a slot machine. It’s usually given as a percentage in the machine’s paytable.

Don’t worry. Even if you’re not a maths whizz, RTP is easy to wrap your head around.

Let’s say, for instance, you pick a slot with a 95% RTP. If you place 100 bets each costing £1 on the machine, you can expect to get back £95.

Simple, right?

You can think of RTP as the exact opposite of house edge. A slot with a 95% RTP, for example, would have a house edge 5%.

Reasons to Be Cautious of RTPs

RTPs can be extremely helpful when picking what to spin.

If you’re hoping to win back more from your bets, you obviously want a slot with a decent RTP – we’re talking anything above the 95% mark.

However, if you want our advice, take RTPs with a pinch of salt.

It’s worth remembering that:

·      RTP is only ever theoretical. It wouldn’t be gambling if you knew if and how much your bets were going to win.

·      RTP doesn’t just consider the machine you’re playing on. It considers all versions of that machine across multiple casinos.

·      RTP is not worked out over a few spins. It’s an indication of what the slot machine should pay out over quite a considerable length of time.

We’re not saying you should ignore RTP. It’s a valuable piece of information for any slot player. 

We just don’t want you to believe a slot with a 95% RTP is guaranteed to return £95 for every £100 in bets.

The Difference Between RTP and Variance

Many slot players think variance and RTP are the same thing.

News flash: they’re not.

Whilst the RTP tells us how much you can theoretically expect to win, the variance tells us how often.

For example, choose a slot with a low variance and you can expect a stream of small but steady wins.

Select a slot with a high variance, on the other hand, and you’ll probably find wins are infrequent. But, when they do happen, they’re likely to be big.

RTP and variance often go hand in hand. High variance slots usually have low RTPs, whilst low variance slots tend to have high RTPs.

RTPs in Land-Based and Online Slots

It’s no secret that slot machines in land-based casinos have much lower RTPs than those found online.

Online slots can boast RTPs ranging from 92% – 99%. You’d be lucky to find a land-based slot machine with an RTP above 80%.

The reason for this difference is simple: land-based machines take up valuable space on the casino floor. For the casino to cover the bills and make a profit, the machine needs to make a lot more money than it would online.

So, if you’re only interested in returns, we’d recommend sticking to the virtual casino world. Just remember to choose a licensed and regulated casino site.

Online slots with the highest RTPs

Any slot with an RTP above 97% can be considered high.

Check out 3 we’ve picked out from the bgo online casino.

1.  Bloodsuckers, NetEnt

Gore, ghouls and a dead-good 98% RTP make Blood Suckers a favourite with serious slot players. There’s a decent selection of bonus features to sink your teeth into. Slay vampires in the Free Spins Bonus, where payouts can be tripled by a x3 Multiplier. 

2.  Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix, Barcrest

If you love the original Rainbow Riches slot, why not try your luck on the Pick ‘n’ Mix edition? It lets you continue your quest for the big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If your budget allows, turn on the Big Bet Mode and watch the RTP rise to 98%.

3.  Joker Strike, Quickspin

A modern slot that’s been designed with a nod to old-school casino glamour, Joker Strike appeals to new and seasoned casino players alike. The RTP in the main game is 96.46%. However, turn on the High Roller Mode and this jumps up to 98.11%.


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