A Look Into The Latest iPhone 11Pro Max

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Over the year Apple has always been known to not disappoint when it comes to coming up with the best phones. In September it released a new iPhone which is iPhone 11 pro max. This latest edition has been the talk of every Apple fan. You may have been using the older version but this is the time to make a change and get yourself the latest phone. With a great camera, battery life and a whole lot of sophisticated features find out more about the best things about this phone.

Great Cameras

Apple has always produced phones with good cameras. With this one that has 3 cameras, you can imagine the kind of pictures you can take. These three cameras have 12-megapixels with a telephoto lens that enables you to do a 2x zoom. The camera is good at capturing details from color and more. We cannot only talk about pictures this phone takes amazing videos. With the A13 that powers this phone, it is now capable of capturing high-quality videos.

Best Battery Life

You don’t have to worry about your battery like you did with other phones. This phone comes with increased and improved battery life. You can be sure to get hours of battery life as it is said to have 5 more hours of battery life over the iPhone Xs and Max. This means you can enjoy playing your best us casinos games without having to worry about running out of battery.

Not only has that it also come with a larger 18W charging brick and a lightning to USB cable. This setup makes the phone charge faster.

Best Night Mode

This phone, which is compatible with online casino sites, comes with a new model that is great to use. You don’t have to worry about not getting to take pictures in the dark or in dimly lit places. With the new model that makes use of AI that helps it to brighten pictures, you can be sure to get the best shots even in the dark.

Talking of the night it also has a great dark mode feature that makes it easy for the eyes.


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