9 Key Factors to Consider While Doing Web Design

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Consider a scenario where you are presenting your business idea to others in a meeting or a seminar. Power Point is THE tool you are using it ‘not only’ to communicate ‘but also’ to convince others to believe in your idea. When you want to convey this same thought to the rest of the world, the scenario changes and you need a bigger tool to communicate.

The tool you would require is – “A Well Built Business Website.” Your website becomes the face of your business. Think of it as you are not there physically to compel your customers to buy your product or service, but you should be able to communicate with them effectively through your well build website.

In this piece, we will discuss about all the important factors you must consider before start designing a website. You know your business but these factors will help you analyse your customers and what effects their behaviour. Let’s get started –

1) Clean Design

While creating a website, it is very important for the developers to ensure that the design of the website is very clean. A quality design has the potential to draw user attention as it is attractive enough to make sure the objective of the website is met and the users are not distracted with unnecessary graphics, images or large texts.

2) Comprehensive  Sitemap

A website of any organization is like a handbook or a user manual that the users will be going through, to understand the business and the deliverables offered. Hence, it is very important to have a clear and comprehensive sitemap.

3) Effective Backend Services

As it is said that a captain/leader of the team is only as good as the team. Similarly, a website must be very user-friendly and attractive for the end users. An effective backend service will keep your customers satisfied with you serviced and will influence them to revisit your site.

4) Color Scheme

This might seem not to be a very critical aspect while designing the website, but it actually is. If you have hired a designer, them explain your business theme to them and what your website should convey. Trust them for colour selection. E-commerce company with dull colours and a education, career and training oriented websites with bright colours and fancy design will never perform good.

5) Functionality

When we talk about functionality, it is not only the point that the website should function as expected. The features like loading issues, security concerns, and the features which from user’s perspective should be termed important or crucial and are covered under the wider umbrella of functionality. Any or all of these functionality features acts as the deciding factor whether the user will stay on the website or will leave.

6) Navigation and Usability

Websites should be less confusing and should be able to garner the end user’s interests. If the users can navigate through the website in first few minutes, the chances of them spending more time on the website increases. So, the websites should be developed in a way that the users can go through it quickly and understand the business/products.

Similarly, the usability of the website is also as important as the navigation feature. The more user-friendly the website is, the more it will cater to the organization’s requirement.

7) Securing the Website

For any organization, creating a website has its additional pros and cons. One of the major concern for all websites is to ensure the security of the web site. After all, no one will want to end up in a situation where the face of the business, the website, gets hacked or defaced, causing a loss of reputation for the organization. Hence, the web developers should consider the security triad CIA (confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) while developing the websites. These requirements can differ from organization to organization, based on the nature of their business.

8) Short Loading Times

In this fast pace world, people don’t appreciate a website taking a lot of time to load. They would not hesitate in moving to another website or portal providing similar services. Hence, for any organizations, it is very critical to ensure that proper testing of the websites is performed to ensure all loading time issues are nullified before the website is launched. A quick experience for the user will help the organizations to have a positive word-of-mouth marketing as well.

9) Clean, SEO-Friendly Code

There is an old saying “Out of Sight-Out of mind”. Although the saying is old, it still holds good in today’s digital marketing scenarios as well. Every website wants to be seen when the user tries to search anything which is highlighted on the website.  An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help the organizations to highlight the websites at the top of the search results, but it can happen only if the website is clean and SEO friendly.


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