6 Tips to Speed Up Your Website For Better User Experience

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In our digital world, it is more important than ever to make your website easily accessible by viewers. When people view your page they want to find the information quickly. We have six tips to help you speed up your website’s load time and make the most important aspects stand out, giving your viewer a better experience.

Database Cleanup

If you’re using WordPress, post revision, saved drafts, deactivated plugins and much more can begin to clutter up your database very quickly. This is one of its unfortunate flaws.

What can you do about this? Using the plugin WP-Optimize is an amazing tool that will schedule to delete all of the unwanted things stored in your database clearing up a lot of space and giving you a faster and cleaner experience.

After running this plugin, you will notice that things are sped up due to the browser having an easier time collecting and returning files from the database.

Utilize White Space

Many website owners think that any space left blank on a page is a waste of perfect real estate. On the contrary, white space can draw a viewer’s attention due to the fact that it looks modern, open, and fresh.

You have to find a balance between the most important information you would like to convey and the amount of space you want to stay blank. Use this to your advantage so users can focus on what you want. This ensures that the user will have a quick and clean experience when viewing your website, and not be distracted by the less important information.

Use images wisely

The best way to catch a viewer’s eye is with high-quality images, so you may be tempted to use them often and make them large. Unfortunately, an overload of images on a server can slow down the time it takes to load the entire page.

The solution? Optimize your images so they are smaller in size, but their quality is unaffected. To do this, you can use a plugin. If you are using WordPress, WP Smush is a great plugin that will help you achieve this goal. Another one is Kraken for users of Drupal or Joomla.

These tools can help you compress the size of your images, resulting in a quicker load time of your webpage, all while keeping the quality that you want in your images.

Use more bullet points

This one may seem pretty simple, but it can have huge effects for the users of your website. Most users have specific information that they want to find any questions that they want to be answered. Don’t make it difficult for them to get to that info.

Use bullet points to make the most important part of a long text stand out. Use it to highlight what you have to offer others and what makes your brand stand out among others. This isolates the important information, making it eye-catching for the reader.

Reduce and combine files

Each time someone uses your website, your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files are making requests to the server. Too many requests risks the chance that your website will be bogged down and slowed. Of course, these are important to have and you can’t delete them. The answer is to reduce and combine them.

Each piece of code adds to the size of your files. To fix this, you should delete any unnecessary formatting, such as line breaks, white space, indentations, and more. This makes your page as lean as possible.

Be mobile friendly

In our current world, it is so important to be optimized for mobile users if you want your business to grow. Everyone has a smartphone now, and often use them more than their computers. If someone views your site and it doesn’t react correctly on their mobile screen, they may quickly leave it.

It is also important to note that Google even penalizes websites that are not optimal for mobile. This means that your page that isn’t meant for mobile will have a more difficult time receiving responses from a server.


Having a speedy and clean website can help give you more views and users will be more willing to stay, rather than look for another website. Use all of these tips to your advantage and boost the traffic that your website sees.


Author: Emily Jacobs is Happiness Ambassador for SpeedCheck.orgShe loves to write latest technology trends and love to share her knowledge through her articles.


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