5 Popular Hosting Options For Your Small Business

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The best web hosting options for small businesses allow for growth. If you choose a simple hosting plan, it could result in a poor user experience. Meanwhile, larger hosting packages could be too expensive for your overhead budget. As a small business owner, your site may not get a ton of traffic to start out. Furthermore, you likely do not have an IT department yet. To ensure that your website operates smoothly, you need to find the best hosting option for your company. In this post, you will discover the most popular hosting options for your small business. 

Cloud Hosting

One of the most popular hosting options for your small business is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting enables room for expansion. You pay for a specific amount of bandwidth, RAM, and web space. However, you can conveniently add to the space you originally chose. Hence, you can continue giving your audience more of what they want as your site’s traffic increases. Your company will profit and grow as a result. A cloud hosting service’s main difference from other options lies within its ability to serve content from multiple server points at once. Combine this flexibility and the growth-enabling factors, and you have a great popular hosting option for your small business.

Dedicated Hosting

Another advantageous hosting option for small businesses is dedicated hosting. Unlike cloud hosting, dedicated hosting operates on just one server. However, the server is your own and “dedicated” to your company solely. Many businesses opt for this type of web hosting because of its security. By hosting your website on your own dedicate hardware, you directly control who has access to it. While this option is ideal for business owners looking to keep their company functions a secret, it is more costly than other options. In addition to expenses, it requires more maintenance from business owners themselves. If you have experience in working with sever administration and security, consider this hosting option for your company. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

In contrast, WordPress hosting does not require much maintenance from you as a business owner. Instead, the WordPress web hosting provider takes care of the server administration and upgrades your site when necessary. In doing so, it guarantees you the security you desire through proactive protection. Moreover, the optimized server keeps hackers from breaking into your website. It also improves its ability to defend against cyber threats while increasing your overall website performance. On top of that, it is less expensive than other types of popular hosting. If you currently use WordPress for your small business site, this is a great option for you to consider.

Shared Hosting 

Consider shared hosting as one of the best popular hosting options for your small business as well. As the name suggests, this option includes sharing a server with other websites. By choosing this option, you share the cost with the other companies on the same server. If you are currently struggling financially, choose shared hosting to meet your website needs. Since it is the most affordable option, it allows you to budget your finances. As a result, you can improve your financial status while simultaneously boosting your website traffic. This is a great hosting option for businesses just getting started.

VPS Web Hosting

Lastly, many small business owners use virtual private server (VPS) web hosting for their sites. Since sites that are using VPS hosting function on the same server as other websites, this option is similar to shared hosting. However, this option provides more power and stability than shared hosting because there are less sites on one server. For this reason, it is more costly than shared hosting, but less costly than dedicated hosting. This could be the perfect middle ground for businesses that have slightly higher requirements of traffic and stability. If you want a powerful, affordable hosting option, consider VPS web hosting for your small business.

Since small business owners aim to expand their companies, they need popular hosting options that fit their current company size. One of the most flexible, growth-enabling types of web hosting is cloud hosting. Dedicated hosting requires a lot of maintenance, but is also a highly secure option. Meanwhile, managed WordPress hosting demands less maintenance and is great for companies already using the platform. Small business owners choose shared hosting for a more affordable option. Additionally, VPS web hosting is also affordable, but a more powerful than shared hosting. When searching for hosting, consider the most popular hosting options for your small business.


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