5 Creative Ways of Using Enterprise Business Videos for Your Business Organization

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It’s really not enough for a business to know that they should be using videos as a marketing and customer outreach tool. You would here also need to know how things could be used in an effective and efficient manner, so that the traffic would flow from video host directly to your website. There is no other better way you could ever do this, but it does become important to respond to the humour, creativity and something that would provide them with some great value to them as a consumer. Given here are the five creative ways of using enterprise business videos for your business organization.

Listening to the client feedback and getting more reviews: If you look at ecommerce websites like amazon and eBay, you would here notice that some of the individuals like to write lengthy product reviews, offering a few words and other a rating. The difference would here come down with the fact that some people would like writing and some would not. For the ones who don’t like writing long reviews, you could here offer them an opportunity to record their opinions and then send them to you. You would here be learning a few things you did not expect giving these people a voice for the video.

Hosting a business video content: Encouraging your customers, clients and readers to come forward and participate in the video content. Try and use social media in order to drive voters to your website, and then share the winning video as a part of your marketing campaign. Video content is considered to be great for several major reasons. First you could get a marketing video for your clients and customers for free, second you would here have to drive tons of traffic to your website. Last but not the least your clients and customers would have a greater chance to interact with you in a fun and unique manner.

Answering common industry questions: Want to be known as an authority. Then have a look at a few popular topics, questions, concerns, controversies and the issues that have been surrounding the industries. Have business videos created in order to address these issues because you would dare to unveil the hidden information and no one else would want to talk about.

Highlighting some ones business video: You would not be interested in driving people to your competitor’s website. And there are ways where you could use videos created by popular people online driving them towards your website. Take out time in order to find a popular business video that would either complement your business or simply compelling highlighting it on your blog and website.  Ask the video creators first what you are doing, where you would be showing the video, assuring them that they would give them the full credit. Make sure that you would use the business videos in an appropriate manner not to sell but to provide benefits to your readers.

Polling the public: Grab the camera and go out in the public. Ask strangers for their opinion on the topic you have created your business video. Not only would this showcase the popular opinions, but all those people who you have interviewed would definitely check out your video increasing the visibility for your brand.

Using video to engage users on your business website: 

Video is a great way to keep users on your website. As humans they way we digest information is changing and you will find that users prefer to consume information in the form of video than ready lengthy article, which sounds obvious but it is definitely not utilised enough. It is also great to use for selling or attracting businesses to your website through social media on platforms such as vine to promote certain offers. Bookmakers do this all the time and bingo websites tend to use free mobile bingo sign-up offers that are exclusive to mobile sign-ups as a way of utilising video.

To conclude video is not the ball that ends all the creative ways of driving people to your site, but also offers you with a great deal of versatility. So do not leave your video marketing out of social media planning, and as shown creative, innovative videos should be the overall business strategy.


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