5 Computer Trends That Are Going Mobile

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Mobile devices have been changing the way we communicate and interact with each other for a long time. The more advanced mobile technology becomes, the more mobile capabilities we acquire in the process. With these little computers in our hands it begs the question, when will they make desktop computers completely obsolete? We may not have rendered desktop computers useless yet, but more and more of things we use to reserve for our computers are being made easier to accomplish on our smartphones and tablets. These are 5 popular tech trends that are traveling quickly from desktop to mobile usage.

Browsing the internet.

With increasing internet connection speeds through 4g and similar data plans, more people are using their phones to browse the internet than ever before. Studies conducted last year by Zenith Media Consumption showed that people all over the world will, on average, spend 86 minutes per day on their phones browsing the internet. That statistic was compared to 36 minutes the average person spends browsing the internet on a desktop computer. In America, according to the research, the average person spends more time browsing the internet than in the rest of the world. Americans are shown to spend an average of 145 minutes a day browsing the internet compared to the 52 minutes then spend on their desktop computers.

Internet shopping

In 2015, according to an educated estimation by eMarketer, only 1.6% of the total retail sales in America were happening on mobile devices. It was popularly thought by industry professionals at the time that mobile devices and desktop computers were being used to research things that were being bought in the stores. Now, the percentage of retail sales on a mobile device has risen to 19% and is expected to rise to 27% by the end of 2018, essentially representing 1 of every 4 dollars spent on internet commerce.

Video chat

The original live stream was the webcam you would plug into the USB port on your desktop computer to communicate privately with friends and family in a visual way. This was the first iteration of video chatting and it happened exclusively on the desktop and laptop computers for more than a decade before being brought to mobile devices. Now, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and are enjoying huge growth in their live streaming departments since developing a platform for people to broadcast themselves to larger audiences. As a result, video chatting has become far more active on individual’s mobile devices rather than that of their laptop or desktop computers.

Mobile sports betting

Who watches a basketball game while they are sitting at their computer? Not very many people any more. There has been an upswing in the popularity of mobile sports betting sites that are safe and secure. They have experienced growth in the mobile use department since making live, in-play betting available on mobile devices through advancements in programming languages and modern device specifications. People now have the option to place live bets while the games are happening live in front of them in the stands and that has caused a significant growth in mobile sports betting.

Paying your bills

You can now get the worst part of your month out of the way in seconds on the internet. This is a digital trend that started to take off in the 2000’s but didn’t really get popular until around 2015. Features like automatic bill pay reminders has brought the act of paying bills for most American citizens off the desktop computers and into their mobile phones. It’s simply a login process and a few touches of a button to have access to your monthly bills. The ability to pay them on the spot with preprogrammed payment options and to set up automatic bill pay are two of the main reasons that more and more people are paying their bills on the go with their mobile devices.



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