5 Big Trends Happening in Big Data [Infographic]

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Graphic provided by ShoreTel
As 66 percent of executives report an urgent need to adopt big data in order to maintain market position, it is becoming more and more important to understand exactly what this movement holds. With business leaders working to meld both on-premises and cloud-based data processing, many companies are struggling with exactly how to process the sudden onslaught of information. Alongside the many benefits that big data provides, it also presents challenges in assessing the need for human input over technological software. Additionally, companies now need to focus on including big data contingency plans in their disaster recovery as this information becomes more valuable and more in-depth. As this movement grows and evolves, executives should also lean on SOR systems to help them sort information and store what could be meaningful in the future. For more information on emerging trends in big data, check out the infographic below:

ShoreTel Big Trends, Big Data


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