5 Best PHP Video Sharing Scripts for Developers

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PHP has evidently been crowned the king of scripts in the world of information technology. With technology greats like Facebook having used the script to frame its social media platform, PHP has cemented its place as one of the best scripts for video sharing platforms.

If you’re looking to weave PHP into the fabric of your video sharing platform, you’ve made a wise decision. Begin by looking at 5 of the best PHP video sharing scripts out there:


Streamhash is a turnkey, state-of-the-art technology designed specially for those working on a budget and a timeline. Streamhash has gained massive popularity amongst developers across the world, as a framework that provides swift activation of a tube site at a reasonable price.  Streamhash markets licenses to a singular product to its clients, and as it develops its core product, upgrades are made simultaneously to the client’s licensed version.

Key Features

Streamhash offers unique features and a responsive design that will set your website apart from others. It comes in versions for Android, iOS and desktop, ensuring fluidity across devices. Apart from its fabulous features and myriad themes allowing clients to transform the look and feel of the interface with just a click, it is also equipped with an inbuilt SEO-optimisation feature and trusty admin panel. It provides two separate servers for every site: a Nginx one for video streaming and an Apache one for web pages. Its best feature, however, is its superlative video sharing script that lets you assign videos under various categories quickly and easily. Streamhash employs Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) technology, a free, open source extension module for the Nginx web server. RTMP supports both live streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) and is versatile, economical and reduces latency during live broadcasts. Bonus? With a lower latency, communication with your audience in real-time is possible, a fantastic way to engage with users.

Video Venue: Community Script

Video Venue is your key to a fully functional video sharing site. The script enables significant engagement amongst users on the site, allowing them to post links, add descriptions, comment on media, reply to others’ comments, follow and unfollow users and be notified when someone has commented or replied to a post. The PHP script does this by allocating an exclusive link to every post, and tracking activity on the link thereafter.

Key Features

Any post on Video Venue can be tagged under countless categories. You can also activate an advanced search feature for a specific category, along with RSS feeds. Video Venue is amazingly unique in that it is language-agnostic and its unique translation capability translates content to any language through its language file. The script enables users to sign up independently or login through Facebook or Google. The script is ideal to build a large video sharing community, but make sure you have a cloud or VPS server in place before you get started. You need a robust framework to underpin such a large online community.


Looking to create your own little YouTube? VideoDB is your answer. VideoDB lets you add and delete videos, and add, delete and view categories.

Key Features

VideoDB boasts a Javascript cum Ajax Rating Control framework. The script lets you add and edit moderators and users, as well as modify website tags, descriptions, titles, templates and default language. It also lets you choose which videos to feature on the homepage and which template to apply to your site.

PHP Clips Video Sharing Platform

PHP Clips Video Sharing Platform is a brilliant website that is as easy to set up as it is, incredible to use.

Key Features

The platform allows users to link video content published on other platforms such as YouTube and plugins. PHP Clips Video Sharing Platform enables video processing with ffmeg and offers users a variety of ways to plug in content, from uploading it from their desktop, to supplying content from a video-sharing site.

Media Portal Script with Responsive Themes

Media Portal Script is a collation tool that lets you curate media such as photos and videos on its platform.

Key Features

The framework offers a fantastic search and selection mechanism, by allowing users to display videos and playlists from video-sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Media Portal Script also mirrors YouTube recommendations and lists for most-viewed videos and top-rated videos.

PHP is undoubtedly one of the best server scripting languages in the market today. As we leave you with 5 excellent scripts to choose from, here’s hoping that this leaves you a little bit wiser and a whole lot more ambitious! Pick a script today to start your video-sharing journey!




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