4 Reasons Why Your WiFi Connection Drops

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Connecting to the internet, and staying connected, is a necessity nowadays. WiFi internet is one of the most common types of internet connection and WiFi signal dropping, while you’re doing something important over the internet, is one of the worst experience one can imagine. Here are a few reasons why your wifi internet connection is dropping (if it’s dropping) and how you can solve each of that problem.

An Overburdened Router

An old router with a large number of client devices can cause your wifi connection to slow down or even no speed at all in extreme cases. There are different types of WiFi routers (AC 1900, AC2600, AC5300 etc). What each of this label means is beyond the scope of this post, but, simply put, a higher number will give you a higher speed internet and handle a large number of clients, better.

That’s why if you have an old N900 router, consider upgrading a modern router such as Asus AC88u because it’s an AC3100 router and declared by many as the best router for 2017.

You have a too large House

If you have a large house, like 4500+ Sq. Ft, then obviously you’re going to have connectivity issues. There are different techniques to solve this problem. One solution is to use wifi extenders. For this purpose, you need to buy a separate wifi extender and place it in a remote area of your house.

Another solution for this problem is to install powerline adapters in your house. One advantage these adapters give you is that they rely on the existing electricity lines of your house and don’t require any additional hardware infrastructure.

Wireless Interference

Many wifi routers use the traditional 2.4GHz frequency band. This band can be easily interfered by other routers, which use that same band, or other appliances like the baby monitor, cordless phones, and microwave ovens etc.

That’s why you need to change this frequency band. There are two alternate solutions for this problem: If you have a dual-band router, you can switch to 5 GHz frequency band of your router.

If you have a single-band router which only works on 2.4 GHz frequency band, then the solution is a little bit tricky. 2.4GHz Band has 11 different wifi channels. All you need to do is to replace your current wifi channel with the one that’s on the minimum usage in your neighbor. Here is an article which explains how you to change your wifi channel

An old firmware

Even if you have the latest router, your internet connection can still go dang if you have an old router firmware. Firmwares are like the Operating System of the routers and just like any other computer software, there can be a bug unintentionally left in a firmware. In such cases, that bug is removed (when found out) in the future updates of that firmware.

That’s why it’s good to occasionally check your manufacturer’s site and look for your router’s updates.


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