4 Pro Design Tips to Make Your Instagram Page Stand Out in the Crowd

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There are many reasons why Instagram stands out as the leading image-based social networking platform. For the youngsters and elderly like, for all those who love to share captivating photos and videos, Instagram serves as a one-stop shop for all their varying interests.

If you are planning to use this excellent platform as a digital marketing tool for your business or personal marketing, then one should know how to build inspirational page layouts on Instagram. This photo sharing application has kept on evolving through the last decade and changing all the time.

Instagram is not all about fun and photo sharing. It has not turned out to be a platform where you can easily share your business portfolio and create a community, which is a crucial accomplishment for personal or business success. Let’s consider a few pro tips to make your Instagram design more attractive to build a community.

  1. Don’t hide behind

It is easy to hide behind your work, but this is one big mistake many of the entrepreneurs do while managing their Instagram profiles. It is a useless approach if you want to build a follower community online and build connections. People may not know your projects, but they may not know you as a person.

If you are building a personal/consultant profile on Instagram, then it is ideal to post your whereabouts as location, hobbies, family, travel, and interests. With this approach, you are revealing how multi-dimensional you are and thereby pushing a wider audience, and free Instagram likes to chase you.

  1. Don’t post instantly

If you have promotional interests, then sharing posts on-the-go may inevitably increase the chances of missing out some vital details. If you give a while and careful consideration, you may be able to make every post insightful and well accepted.

  1. Don’t underestimate #hashtags

Studies have shown that there is a 12% increment by default in user engagement for the posts which use a hashtag to represent it better. However, using the same set of hashtags for every post is not useful anymore. You need to go international on using hashtags, which reveals the things of public interest and precisely the attention of your target audience if you are promoting business through Instagram.

  1. Set a theme

On considering the most successful page layouts on Instagram, you can find that they all follow a unique them. While choosing an appropriate theme, you need to think of one most matching to your portfolio and specialty. It is up to you to decide which theme will be most interesting to your target audience. If you already have an established brand, then the theme should go well in tune with your existing style, color, and other preferences.

Above all, you need to understand that it is not quantity which pays you back, but quality. There is no point in being a frequenter on Instagram if all the posts you make are not worthy. So, always be focused on delivering top quality posts only to the followers and thereby prompting them to wait for your next valuable post.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of Instagram followers for his online contributions. Learn more on Like4Like Instagram techniques on his blog.


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