A Day in the Life of a Document

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Meet Doc, he’s a hefty design file with a long day ahead of him.


Doc works for a company that designs and manufactures anti vibration mounts for customers across various sectors from motorsport to the military. And today is different because they’ve just started outsourcing some of their manufacturing to a new foreign partner company.


For Doc this means a trip out of the premises to the new partner’s servers. But this being the first time Doc is making the trip his company does not have a fast file sharing tool or procedure in place and with the deadline fast approaching his line manager in the design team has decided to use Hightail to get the job done.


So off goes Doc to the new manufacturer but not before enduring excruciatingly slow upload and download speeds at both ends. However having reached its destination it turns out some adjustments need to be made to Doc and the hefty file re-sent before the new partners can begin their work.


The adjustments are made and Doc once again makes the trip over to the new partners but this time a few more people are cc’d into the email to sign off the adjustments. In his haste the senior designer didn’t realise he added an incorrect email address that is very similar to one of his colleague’s mailbox.


Now Doc who started off the day comfortably in the care of his employer is spread out over a number of servers in different versions. The old version of Doc is still at the new manufacturer’s site along with the new version. But there is also a new version of Doc sitting on a rogue server somewhere due to mistaken identity.


What’s more, both the old and new versions of Doc are also sitting on Hightail’s servers in a location his employers are not privy to, with the kind of protection more adequate for a teenager’s music collection than the design files for a market leader’s latest product.


Sadly Doc’s story is not unique but a familiar experience of many hefty files like himself the world over. Not to mention his counterparts that are still subjected to the archaic practice of being carried around on external hard drives by couriers.


Doc’s company on the other hand cannot continue down this path of bring your own file sharing much longer. Having operated as a market leader in a very competitive industry the last few years they cannot afford to have important product files spread around the digital world or get into the hands of the wrong people.


They need a secure, compliant, global cloud platform that hands them control of the data entering and leaving the company. A platform that offers fast file transfer, multi-protocol SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, cryptographic support and is fully compliant with enterprise and international security standards.


This is the only real solution for Doc’s company if they want to effectively manage the data exchange between themselves and their new manufacturing partner… and give the hefty files a safer and easier way to travel.


Author: Maytech provides a global cloud platform for secure and reliant data transfer for 800 organisations in 35 countries spanning 60 industries. To find out more visit their website.


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