11 Hand-Picked Apps That Help Small Business Owners Blog on the Go  

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“The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife,” said the advertising legend David Ogilvy.

Not surprisingly, Google felt enough is enough and pulled curtains on rehashed content via its Google Panda update.  Google message to tech companies was loud and clear: Stop fooling readers with some crummy, crappy stuff.

Since then, business blogging has gotten really serious. Businesses, world over, are emphasising on quality content for their blogs for better traction, conversions, and more.

Although, big businesses won’t think twice before hiring a battery of content developers to take care of their blogging requirements, in case of small businesses things are quite different. Given that small businesses have their budgets on a tight leash, sometimes even hiring a single resource could be construed as a luxury by them.

So, what should small time business owners do when they are hard pressed for time and resources, but have blogging requirements high on their agenda?

Simple: Blog on their own and use blogging apps as their chief support system.
Here we’ve handpicked 11 excellent business blogging apps that have been there for some time and have been winning the hearts of the business blogging community world over.

#1. WordPress 

Well, it’s quite a popular app amongst the regular bloggers let alone the business bloggers.  Once you launch the app, a new page with sections with post title’s and body text opens. And, once you start typing the texts, select text option appears. Pick and choose your text along the way, and also, take advantage of formatting controls to make the selected text appear bold and italic.  Additionally, you can also incorporate images and links to other websites. And just like regular blogs on your desktop, you can even preview posts before they go live.

#2.  Camera +  

WORDS may mean the WORLD to you. In fact, an unputdownable brick-of-a-book could turn your world upside down and give you several sleepless nights.

But then, the world sees the word quite differently. A wordy blog post might just turn away the readers from you: forever. Long story short: Cut down the drivel. Add more and more images  to make your business blog look awesome.

A good camera app is sure to make this process handy and effortless. Camera+ available on iOS comes with different filters, effects, frames, not to mention the crop feature  to enhance the look and feel of your photos.

#3.  Blogsy

If you are an iPad blogger, Blogsy is for you. It’s a complete blogging app, designed specifically for iPad and iPad mini fans. The best part of this app is that it supports all kinds of blogging platforms, including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. Blogsy also helps drag-n-drop images, videos, and URLs from online services like Flickr and YouTube and then add to your posts and even multiple blogs. Further, there are drop down menus as well that help you dexterously manage design issues in terms of font and text size.

What’s more, there’s a save icon too to save your draft. So, you can leave your content half-way as well, if you feel like taking  a break  from it, and, of course, come back to it once again when you are ready.

#4. Writer 

Do you find playing games, checking apps, and incoming notifications irresistible, when you should be really focusing all your attention on writing? Keep these distractions at bay with Writer app. The app is stripped of all the frills, which means you could focus on your writing work full-on, without any sort of distraction while working from your smartphone or tablet.

#5. SwiftKey Keyboard

Do you find keyboard buttons on your smartphone or iPad too small to operate? Or do typo errors creep into your copies despite being ultra-careful and all? Check out SwiftKey Keyboard app. The app comes with auto-correct typos and also provides word predictions based on your previous writing history.  Plus, the app helps you personalize word predictions by storing words that you often tend to use in your blog posts or social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

#6.  Dragon Dictation

If you are a globe-trotting businessman, it’s almost implausible to blog. So, go ahead and get hold of Dragon Dictation. It comes with a speech-to-text synthesizer feature, wherein you just need to speak into it and then toss (read: copy paste) all you’ve got into your blog post and it’s done.

#7. Adobe Photoshop Touch

Photoshop…not your cup of tea? O.K. Happy working on picresize.com, or for that matter picmonkey.com? Good. That said, Adope Photoshop Touch should be worth your time and effort, because the app has nicked off several of Photoshop’s best features, which makes this app a little high-end. For instance, you can remove the background and replace it with any other and so on.

#8.  TextExpander (Mac, iOS)

Tired of typing the same sentences and phrases over and over again? Try TextExpander and give your fingers a break. The Mac, iOS app creates snippets of often used blocks of text and TextExpander and inserts them whenever you key in the shortcut. The app, in fact, is engineered to sync the snippets across Mac and iOS devices through your Dropbox account.

#9. You Tube Capture

When writer’s block bothers you take a break and opt for videos. YouTube capture is easy to operate. Add music, make corrections and upload images with a click of a button. Even non-technical folks could use this with little or no complications. It’s perfect for including promotional videos within articles and many businesses do use these type of ‘click here’ video links to product pages to drive traffic for example bingo websites with click here to play bingo videos. More examples include this video which explains how you may want to integrate this strategy with your social media channels.

#10. Pocket 

Bloggers usually love to store several website links to be added later on to their blog posts. This is where Pocket can chip in with its incredible bookmarking storage facility. The app helps you store website addresses, videos, and even other materials found in different apps.

#11. Byword

The Byword is meant for simple design lovers. Use it to store create and store your documents across devices such as Mac, phone and iPad.  Given that it’s connected by iCloud and Dropbox, you can edit documents anywhere from any device. Above all, you can even post your blog to WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger and on to other accounts as well.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, these apps will act as a catalytic for your business and attract traffic, comments, and even greater business opportunities. Check them out, one by one, and let me know, whether or not, they are working for you.


Author Bio: Jini Maxin writes for OpenXcell – Mobile App Development Company that provides mobile app development services across the globe. Her favourite pastime is stalking authors online, besides reading book reviews, and finding the next heap of books to hibernate.           



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